AngelFAX (AFX) leverages an existing expense, your fax, to fund a deserving non-profit that you are passionate about.  Switch your fax service to AngelFAX and AngelFAX will reinvest a minimum of 20% of this ongoing monthly cost to the nonprofit or program that you designate.  KEEP your fax number, pay the same amount and a non-profit you care about gets funded. Imagine strengthening your community WITHOUT spending any additional money. If you are going to pay for a fax line, why not support a cause you care about. Your previously passive fax expense now delivers financial support to the cause you care for.  “Get Your Halo On” and begin AngelFAXing.  Your choice of a traditional (HIPAA compliant) solution or transition to fax to email and reduce paper, toner/ink usage, and lower plastic ink cartridge disposal concerns.

AngelFax. Get Your Halo On.

Together We Will Grow Communities

If we take just a portion of the number of local businesses that use traditional fax lines and have them switch to AngelFax, together can strengthen our communities because of the non-profit organizations that we collectively choose will ultimately serve our communities and prosper. Help us spread the word!

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Fax With A Peace Of Mind

Compared to other fax solutions, AngelFax reinvests at least 20% of your monthly cost to your choice of a non-profit organization. Doesn’t that make you feel good?

Why choose AngelFax?

  • We Support Traditional Fax Lines (HIPAA Compliant)
  • Option to Fax Online to Reduce Paper and Ink Costs
  • You are in control. Choose any non-profit you want us to reinvest in.
  • Have Peace of Mind. Not only by our superior support but knowing where your money is going.

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Stop paying for traditional fax and starting feel good with a new way to fax.

Get Your Halo On