AngelFAX offers a Fax to Email OR “traditional” fax solution.  Our strong recommendation is to continue paying what you have been paying your local carrier.  Outbound faxes via Fax to Email or “traditional” that are long distance to your fax number are .04 (4 cents) per page.  No charge on inbound or if the outbound fax is to a local number.

The Fax to Email solution requires no equipment of software on your end.  When we port your existing fax number, or provision a number from our inventory, faxes sent to that number are sent to your email(s) as a .pdf file. Can be a much better way to receive faxes, especially for those with a mobile work day or schedule. Environmentally friendly too, as paper, ink and toner use decreases. Even eliminate the need and expense of a fax machine.  You will appreciate the privacy and remote access to your faxes.  Simply attach a document to an email to send faxes out.

Can we keep our existing fax number?

YES, we can port existing numbers into our system providing Fax to Email or our “traditional” solution.  Please email us for confirmation that we can port your existing number,

Can we have a fax number for a different area, or a toll-free number?

We can provide local numbers to the vast majority of markets within the 50 states and also parts of Canada.  Toll Free numbers are available, but introduce an added cost at .04 (4 cents) per page in and out.

How do I send faxes?

You simply create a new email.  In the TO FIELD you enter  In the SUBJECT field you enter   /fax=1234567890    To confirm; you are entering “backslash” then “fax” then “equal sign” then “10 digit number” you wish to fax to.  Anything typed in the SUBJECT LINE will appear as the title on the Cover Page.  Anything typed into the body of the email will be applied to the Cover Page.

Make sure your SENDING email address is recognized by AngelFAX.  This will normally occur if you are sending faxes from the same email address(es) you are receiving faxes too.

“Traditional” fax has quotation marks, why?

Our “traditional” solution continues to deliver faxes to your fax machine or through your copier, and allows you to send faxes via your fax machine/copier.  However, once your fax number is ported to AngelFAX, we eliminate the need and cost for a traditional phone line.  In order to continue to deliver and send faxes from your fax machine/copier, a Network HTTPS Adaptor is required.  This device plugs into your fax machine, and you plug your internet into the adaptor, creating a SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) solution.  Faxes can now be sent and received without a phone line.  Outstanding security via the HTTPS connection, viewed as more secure than two traditional fax lines connecting.  The Network HTTPS Adaptor is a ONE time cost of $150.00 which includes shipping and handling, and the ONE time porting charge of $25.00 if porting an existing number).  We wish we could avoid this, but consider it a ONE time cost to get away from your local carrier and begin supporting a deserving nonprofit.