ACH – We encourage ACH payments (quarterly) for your AngelFAX (AFX) solution.  ACH provides an automated debit direct from your checking account.  ACH is SUBSTANTIALLY less expensive than processing a credit card.  This cost savings contributes to AngelFax’s ability to support the causes our community of Angels supports.

Checks – Checks will be accepted if the payment is for a 3, 6 or 12 month membership paid in advance. There is a charge for all returned checks.

Credit Card – If necessary, we will accept credit cards.  Please consider ACH, perhaps done on a quarterly payment basis, to help us contain processing costs and expand our reach.

An example of the difference:  An ACH transaction of $120.00 costs us .3% (.003) = 36 cents plus 4 cents per transaction for a total cost of 40 cents. The same $120.00 transaction via credit card is approximately 3% (As we do not “swipe” your card, % runs high) which totals $3.60. A HUGE difference for AFX, and our reinvestment community.

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