The global economic downturn has had a significant impact on the health and profits of businesses in the private sector. Nonprofit agencies that depend on the charitable donations of these private businesses and those employed by them, as well as substantial monies from government and institutional foundations have suffered as a result.

The lull in donations that always follows a downturn means that nonprofits that desire to keep their vital programming at normal levels must spend far more time, energy and organizational resources chasing program dollars through conventional fundraising. This diversion of important energies means that many nonprofits can lose precious momentum and that their programs will suffer when they are needed most.

AngelFAX (AFX) knows that the need for programming is rising, yet agencies are under intense economic pressure and can’t really afford to divide their strength to pursue additional funds. AngelFAX delivers the option of both a proven fax to email and a traditional fax solution that will continue to fill a key role in business communications.

What makes AFX different is our commitment to reinvest a minimum of 20% of our client’s fax payment to the nonprofit or program of their choice.  Large companies supporting numerous fax numbers can have a substantial impact on a designated agency or program.  This framework is designed to provide our nonprofit partners a superior alternative to the draining process of traditional fundraising, by mobilizing their donor base and without asking anyone to find a single extra dollar.  Just leverage an expense they already have.  That’s why we say, Get Your Halo On.