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Contact us to provision your AngelFAX number, or to initiate porting your existing number.  IMPORTANT: You may port numbers in and out.  YOU own the number, this is critical.  Be aware of competitors that do not allow porting.  ONE time porting fee of $25.00.  We will also refund any unused month  that you have paid in advance (defined as porting or cancelling your service prior to your monthly bill date).

Contact:    330-237-1111



Our strong recommendation is that you continue to pay what you have been paying for your fax line.  For example, if you are paying the national average of about $39.95 per month, a minimum of $8.00 per month will being reinvested to the nonprofit of YOUR choice.

Includes 1000 incoming pages per month.

Outbound pages at .04 (4 cents) per page (if long distance)

Inbound pages above 1000 are .04 (4 cents) per page

Toll Free numbers, ALL inbound and outbound pages are .04 (4 cents)