Lynne Black ED of SANEO (2)SANEO and AngelFAX Partner to Support Area Subcontractors

 AKRON, Nov. 8, 2013— Working  to leverage the reinvestment power of the AngelFAX (AFX) service to benefit groups, AngelFAX has partnered with the Subcontractors Association of Northeast Ohio (SANEO) to offer a unique fax solution. AngelFAX not only delivers important documents and streamlines business operations for SANEO members, but also supports deserving Non-profits.  AFX has both traditional fax and fax to email capability, but its major distinction is the company’s commitment to reinvest a minimum of 20% of each monthly fax payment to an exempt Non-profit agency or program of the client’s choosing.

“Our formal launch brought to market a dramatic new offering in the business telco space,” said Bill Kirk, AFX Chief Executive Officer. “AFX highlights the idea that socially conscientious enterprises can conduct great business, while doing good in their own communities. We are not looking to resurrect fax. But with 17 million fax machines still going strong in the U.S. alone, we want to leverage this passive expense, that half of companies have in place, to deliver meaningful social change. AngelFAX will empower our client firms to help others in their community grow and succeed”.  Kevin Keller of contractor surety services provider Fedeli, Liptak and Keller and SANEO Board President stated, “We use AngelFAX in my firm because it allows us to receive and forward faxed information without having to print it out first. This saves time and costs. AngelFAX also allows us to easily archive information that was faxed to us since the faxes are received as pdf files. Lastly, it is a great feature that a portion of our monthly fee is directed to the Non-profit or association of our choice; in  this case SANEO.”

“AngelFAX is a great program”, commented SANEO Executive Director Lynne Black. “The fax to email service cuts costs tied to fax machine use; hardware, paper, toner, electricity, repair and/or replacement, and streamlines the process of document organization because it eliminates the need to scan.” AFX CEO, Bill Kirk added, ” We want to be clear; the Non-profit reinvestment is as important to us as the fax service itself. Consumers want to see a social conscience in the companies with which they do business. AFX has that conscience. We will build and sustain profitability, but also work to fund as many deserving nonprofits as we can. This combination will allow agencies to spend less time, energy, focus and resources on traditional fundraising, which can be a drag to programs and their donors”.

Kirk continued, “AngelFAX uses technology to enable both our fax solutions and support our strong reinvestment structure. There is none of the usual ‘percentage of profit’ language in our story. We are proud to guarantee that at least 20% of every fax payment will go to nonprofits or designated organization, while the customer continues to pay what they’ve been paying. The service’s formal introduction took place on the Feast of the Archangels, September 29, 2013. In that short time, we’ve put nearly 100 clients on the AFX platform. Our sincere hope is to meet and exceed the rising expectations of corporate customers and important associations like SANEO. We believe these groups expect a more substantial relationship with their service providers and seek for those providers to care as much about people and their needs as they do profits”.

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 A socially conscientious enterprise (SCE) founded in 2008, AngelFAX was built to encourage innovation, corporate citizenship and SCE best practices in U.S. companies. The firm offers traditional and fax to email services for American and Canadian businesses that want to break away from conventional providers and are committed to making meaningful social change real.  For info on AngelFAX, contact Bill Kirk, AFX CEO at 330.237.1111,email or visit
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